Modern architectural homes
inspired by nature

Imagine a place where homes blend into the landscape, and where the act of living is itself an immersive experience; where windows let natural light inside and reflect it back outside; and where the boundary between indoors and outdoors fades away with every step on the property.

With minimal intervention on the wilderness around, and a commitment to preserve the property’s ecological attributes, Havres Montcalm offers living spaces designed for meaningful integration and maximum comfort. Here, we inhabit nature as much as it inhabits us.

“United by a common vision, we collaborated to create exceptional chalets that seamlessly blend into the plains and mountains. Our goal is to offer a haven of peace where the beauty of the environment merges with refined design.”

— Jean-Sébastien Herr
Architect, co-founder

The Landscape Architects

Projet Paysage is a consulting firm specializing in landscape planning and architecture founded in 1992. The firm has extensive experience in the planning, design, and implementation of comprehensive projects in the real estate and recreational tourism sectors, including large municipal parks, hotels, and cultural institutions.

The team’s unique expertise in the design and creation of exceptional, community-oriented public spaces which combine cultural, recreational, and commercial elements—alongside meticulous supervision of the technical operations and construction processes throughout the life cycle of their projects—has opened new doors for transnational collaborations beyond Canada.

“We wanted to highlight the forests and mountains of Montcalm. Integration is the keyword that guided us throughout the project.”

— Maxime Brisebois
Associate Landscape Architect

Designed to fit the contours of the land and your needs

MU Architecture’s design concept includes four typologies modified to adhere to the different terrain specifications for each location. The first is a single-storey model, raised above the ground to preserve the existing topography and minimize its footprint. The other three typologies are built right into the slope of the mountain, and include the creation of a garden level. While the first typology is elevated to give the impression of floating above the land, the other three are delicately anchored in the ground, providing the space for two living area levels with unique views, and a smoother flow between the interior and exterior of the property.

Types 3 and 4 maintain an elongated shape, while types 1 and 2 are derived from the same architectural premise but with a structure that extends in an "L" shape, allowing for the option of adding two or three bedrooms, or integrating a double garage, an infinity pool (optional for type 2), and a sauna (type 1 only). The models range from 1,133 sq ft to 4,131 sq ft and fit two to five bedrooms with the option of converting any into an office or a gym. No matter which dwelling you opt for, each typology is designed to suit either a short getaway in nature or an extended stay amongst family and friends.

The area of individual plots—ranging from 1.2 to 6 acres— ensures a haven of nature for each of the residences, so you’re always immersed in wilderness.