Havres Montcalm are modern architectural homes inspired by nature, nestled in the magnificent Laurentian forest.

“Havres Montcalm was born out of a deep attachment I’ve cultivated for this land. This is the terrain and region where I grew up—it’s where I shared innumerable precious moments with my grandparents, parents, cousins, and siblings. My fondest memories were forged here as a child. And now that I have children of my own, returning here to enjoy nature with my family and finding time and space to reflect in quietude, is that much more meaningful. It is my dream to share the fruits of this place with others, so a new community and generation can marvel at the beauty of this mountain landscape as I have, and create new lifelong memories.

Since the start of this project, the vision has been to fabricate marvelous modern architectural homes which harmoniously integrate into the natural surroundings. Minimalism here is much more than simply an aesthetic choice, as we’ve sought to preserve the wild elements of our forest home and enhance a sense of immersion for future residents. In collaborating with MU Architecture and Projet Paysage, we’ve ensured quality throughout the design and construction process and invested in safeguarding the resiliency of the land itself. With all materials and concepts being inspired by the Laurentians’ diverse natural elements, we’ve paved the way for these residences to stay durably embedded in both the landscape and in your family for many generations.

Come here to enjoy the land, the home, the seasons, and the life you wish to live.

Welcome home."

— Stephan Gradek, Founder & Developer

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